How does OHK Olomouc website work?

We looked at the site of the Chamber of Commerce of Olomouc District (hereinafter referred to as OHK Olomouc), for which we created a new website that we launched in April 2017. What was the impact of Email Marketing, which we helped set the holidays this year? The article about email marketing OHK Olomouc can be found here. Let’s look at the numbers.

Technical analysis of OHK Olomouc

It often happens that after a certain period of time, the web will worsen its ranking due to poor web service. One thing is to create, set up and run the web properly, and then run it the right one. Fortunately, OHK Olomouc does not act in this case. The following table analyzes the site.

In the resulting table, you can see site ratings using common web testing tools. In addition to the result of the new site after the launch and after a half year operation, the results of the old OHK Olomouc website are also shown in the table. What does this table tell us? Firstly, by creating a new site, OHK Olomouc has significantly improved, and second, that after six months of operation, the site ratings did not change significantly.

OHK Olomouc web view of Google Analytics

Another view that is important in evaluating the site is the visitors themselves. For these purposes, we will help you with the data from the Google Analytics analytics tool, which will compare October 2016 and 2017. See the table below for what data looks like.

What can we say about this table? Mainly, it’s basically that it’s going to increase numbers in all metrics. The number of site users rose nearly half, and mobile access was added, which was one of the goals of rebuilding the site and OHK Olomouc had a responsive design and therefore was not disadvantaged in mobile search. Another thing that this table shows us is that it has quite a lot of time spelled out new e-mail marketing, which helped the Chamber create and set up. Nice numbers are also in the field of organic search, because you can see the growth of users just over this channel, so you can say we have found the right way in SEO.

Even in other tools from Google and the List, it can be seen that after a brief turbulent period in April 2017, when the site was re-indexed, the indexes soon returned to their values ​​and are still growing moderately around holidays. And we did not say that OHK Olomouc created a new system for events where the candidates can register. Furthermore, the site has created more space for all OHK Olomouc members so they can better present themselves.

If you are interested in more detailed information on how you managed to set up Email marketing at OHK Olomouc, look at the article – How we succeed in email marketing with clients. You can also find OHK Olomouc in our references or if you would like to create a new site, please call or via the form on the Website Creation page.