News in the digital world since the beginning of 2017

It is high time to summarize the news in the digital world that emerged from the beginning of 2017 in the area of Digital Marketing.

News in the digital world from Google

First things that whispered last year and eventually really happened. Google has announced a few new things:

  • Penalizing websites behind pop-up windows, so if your site has some pop-up window to welcome a user, then you’re damaging it.
  • More emphasis on HTTPS – yes, as speculated, the emphasis on the safety of “common” sites should be increased, because Google can give you the plus points in rating the website. So if you want to help your site in the search result, then get an SSL certificate.
  • Launch Google Data Studio for both the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. What is it about? It is a visualization tool that allows you to view data from Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and other services so you can get even better about it. However, you can try it yourself – Google Data Studio
  • Google Webmasters has published a video – How to hire en SEO, or how to choose an SEO specialist.

News in the digital world from Seznam (Czech competitor google)

Then here are some news from the List. Perhaps the biggest and most important thing is the introduction of the ETA ad format in the SKlik (like AdWords). This step has been welcomed by a number of PPCs / consultants because it has simplified work on ads – even Google has supported this format for some time, and therefore PPC specialists have had to create 2 variants of ads (one for Google – ETA and the other for STA – SKlik).

What is an ETA ad format?

ETA means Extended Text Ads, that allow you to write longer ad ads. For comparison, you have the below examples of Google AdWords ETA and SKlik. You can read more about ETA from SKlik on their blog.

No results found.

The other things the Seznam Search comes up with is the change in the results view when the page preview stops, but only the favicon.

Docela důležitou novinkou je spuštění nástroje Webmasteroficiální článek seznamu – což je nástroje, kde můžeme zjistit reálný stav projitích stránek, zaindexovaných stránek či chyb na webu dle robota od Seznamu. Systém je stále ve fázi Beta, tudíž občas nefunguje tak jak má, ale pevně věříme, že je to pouze otázka času než bude šlapat jako hodinky.

A very important novelty is the launch of Webmaster the official article – a tool where we can find out the real status of the page breaks, indexed pages, or bugs on the site by the Robot from the Seznam. The system is still in the Beta phase, so sometimes it does not work as it does, but we firmly believe it’s just a matter of time before it’s going to be like a watch.

An example of how the Webmaster looks from Seznam

More news

More recently, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is becoming increasingly common. It is a new revolutionary EU legislation that will significantly increase the protection of citizens’ personal data. This has an impact on the measurement of incoming users using cookies. We will see what the next time will bring us to this topic.

Mailchimp has launched a new Facebook campaign based on a similar principle as used in Mailchimp. You can read more on the official Mailchimp blog.