We help our clients break through the digital world in several areas, including social networks, search engine advertising, email marketing.

Social networks

We’ll help you set up your social networking profiles, manage content, and promote your social networking. We most often help with Facebook, but we also have experience with Twitter and LinkedIn both in terms of content management and promotion.


We’ll help you optimize your existing site so you can improve your search engine rankings. And we’ll help you set up processes, for example, what news should look like on your site for the future, because SEO is not a one-time but still repeating process.

Email marketing

We will help you set up new email marketing, as it should be used in the 21st century. Most often we use MailChimp, the world’s # 1 in the world of email marketing tools. We create responsive emails because we read about 50% of emails on your mobile.

PPC reklama

We will help you create ads for Google AdWords and Seznam SKlik to help increase your website traffic, both in text and in banner formats.


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