Website for A Kluby Brno

The whole name of the company is theÚstav prevence a léčby závislostí A Kluby Brno z.ú. (hereinafter referred to as “A Kluby“). A Kluby have long had websites that no longer met today’s standards, both from a graphical point of view – the old web did not have a responsive design, but also from a web site perspective. The biggest problem was that the old website did not have an administration and so the company was relying on someone to make changes to them in the HTML code of the page. That’s why we’re glad we could help A Kluby by designing new and modern websites for them.

The main task was to inform potential clients A Kluby Brno about their services, so a great deal of space is devoted to the presentation of all their services. The next part is devoted to organizing their regular Adiktological Conference so that participants are simply informed about the content of the conference, respectively. if the conference was already held, so they could see presentations from the conference and get new information.



March – June 2018




Contact person

Martin Klíč,
Director A Clubs of Brno

Technical analysis of website status

Website New Old Standard
Analysis A – Google
Mobil 90 83 70
Desktop 91 70 80
Analysis B – GTmetrix
Score 1 92 80 80
Scorre 2 74 71 80
Page speed
1,4sec 1sec 3-4sec
Files 63 37 70
Analysis C – WebPageTest
First Byte Time
Keep-alive Enabled
Compress Transfer A A A
Compress images A F A
Cache static content A F A
Analysis D – PingDom
Score 92 83 90

In this table, we can see the values of the different analyzes that were made on the old site and on the new site. We can see a clear difference in terms of technical state of the web site, if we forget that the old websites did not have a responsive design at all, and thus poorly displayed on mobile devices, we see a great improvement in this rating.

Simply put, the new website meets current standards and trends and is very much appreciated. Another thing worth mentioning is the transition to HTTPS, which again increases the quality of the website.

The first two tests from Google, GTmetrix and the latest PingDom test use 0-100, where 100 is the best. Another WebPageTest test uses an A-F rating where A is the best.