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During this autumn (2018), we created a new website for the Cash Reader mobile app. This mobile app is a great help for blind people who pay in cash because Cash Reader recognizes banknotes of various world currencies: from Europe to Australia.

Cash Reader websites aim to inform blind users about this application, so in addition to the classic requirements for responsive design, speed and multilingualism, there is a completely different requirement here, namely “accessibility” in terms of the usability of the screen reader site, both on desktop devices on mobile devices.


Web accessibility is often spoken, but few are addressed. We have focused on making the Cash Reader site really as accessible to blind users as possible. This is subject to some things that are commonplace on the web. As an example, I can list “hamburger menus”, which today have basically all the responsive websites, but this is completely unusable in terms of accessibility for blind users. So we had to solve these questions where the “Mobile-First” approach became “Accessibility-First”.

First responses

By first feedback from “testing” blind users, “it’s a perfectly accessible website”, for which we are extremely pleased to be able to help with something that helps others.



September – October 2018




Contact person

Ing. Martin Douděra

Technical analysis of website status

Cash Reader

Analysis A – Google
Mobil 99 70
Desktop 96 80
Analysis B – GTmetrix
Score 1 98 80
Score 2 91 80
Load speed 0,5sec 3-4sec
Files 15 70
Analysis C – WebPageTest
Prvotní rychlost A C
Dočasnost souborů A A
Komprese přenosu dat A A
Komprese obrázků A A
Cache A A
SpeedIndex 703 2000-3000
Analysis D – PingDom
Score 90 90

You can see the rating of the new Cash Reader website in this table. We did not compare with the previous websites because it was a simple one-page web, so the comparison would not have a very meaningful value.

Simply put, the new site complies with current standards (Responsive Design, HTTPS) and Trends and is very much appreciated. Another thing worth mentioning is the emphasis on the accessibility of websites that do not appear in these tests.

The first two tests from Google, GTmetrix and the latest PingDom test use 0-100, where 100 is the best. Another WebPageTest test uses an A-F rating where A is the best. So these websites have almost the maximum rating.

Next test from GoogleLighthouse

This Lighthouse analytics tool from Google is also used in Chrome itself. You can also try your site on the website.

You can see the results for the Cash Reader site above and other than PWA (where there was no goal for the website to be PWA), the other results are at a great level. Mainly in the area of Accessibility and SEO is a 100/100 rating.