For our company Počítačová služba s.r.o. (in english Computer services) or part of its training that works under the CENTRUM-VZDĚLÁVÁNÍ.CZ brand, we have created several websites over the years, either as a project site or a website that deals with a single service or product.

There are websites that have been created only recently, as otherwise the website would be really big.



Implementation of various websites

January 2016 – May 2017


Websites January – April 2016


Websites August – October 2016


Weby November 2016 – May 2017


The web site deals with grant titles for education. The main purpose of the site is information about the POVEZ II project, where this website is the leader of the Google search engine, and only the governmental Web sites “beat” this site.

This website is only czech.

Evidence instead of speech

Website Š

The website is focused on the education service for pedagogical staff, where we also managed to break through the leading Google search engines.

This website is only czech.

Again proof of Google Search Console

Website Digitální-marketé

The website is a product site that deals with digital (online) marketing training. Based on our experience with many websites.

This website is only czech.


The website was created as a step towards simplifying the registration for retraining courses. Because, as CENTRUM-VZDĚLÁVÁNÍ.CZ implements several different educational programs, it was necessary to make these courses together with the preparatory courses for NSK exams to be visible.

This website is only czech.

Digital marketing for CENTRUM-VZDĚLÁVÁNÍ.CZ

Since 2011, we have been responsible for the digital marketing of our “sister” education division, and all the way forward. This is about PPC ads in the Google environment or the list, email marketing via MailChimp, and Social Social Account Management on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.