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Webiste for Chamber of Commerce of Olomouc District

The Chamber of Commerce of Olomouc District (CCOD) has for a long time been a website that has not met today’s standards, both from a graphic or old web point of no responsive design, as well as with the structure of the site. That’s why we are pleased to have helped CCOD by designing new and modern websites for them.

Because CCOD participated in or organized a large number of events, it was necessary to include this in the design of new websites. Another important CCOD service is the presentation of their members and therefore was created on the new pages of the members section where each member has the opportunity to present themselves.

Digital Marketing – email marketing

We helped CCOD with email marketing with Mailchimp on the holidays in 2017. We created new templates and helped with the first emails sent out. Where the first results were significantly better than previous attempts. We managed to set up a process in email marketing so that CCOD can effectively communicate with its members.



January – March 2017




Contact person

PhDr. Radim Kašpar,
director OHK Olomouc