Website for FINAB s.r.o.

FINAB s.r.o. the site was very old and did not meet today’s requirements and standards. And since FINAB began to think about advertising investments (PPC ads in particular), we first created new websites. Why did we first start with a website rather than PPC advertising? The reason was simple that PPC advertising would be directed to obsolete websites, so it would be unnecessarily expensive. This is how we created good foundation blocks for FINAB to build additional layers of digital marketing (such as running PPC ads).

In addition, we have focused on new web sites to provide enough space to display both current offerings of sold machines and already existing reference machines. We have also simplified the process of sending demand for the scrapping machine (FINAB is a purchase of machines).

Since FINAB trades around the world, it is a matter of course a multilingual version of the website. Now, shortly after launching a new site, it is still working on individual translations, but the web pages as such are fully prepared for multilingual versions.



April – July 2018




Contact person

Ing. Jaromír Bartošek
Managing Director FINAB s.r.o.

Compare Old and New Sites

The “redesign” of the site is not about the fact that we just do not like the look of the site, but it must be about shifting to a better website functionality. It is about making the web correspond to current business processes in the company. And this is the case when we have prepared the site so that it can also accommodate new products that FINAB plans to do or better use of machine information in the near future.