Co se událo v létě 2018 - Webové stránky

What happened in the summer of 2018?

When we look at the last date of the article, we’ll see March. That’s what we’re going to try to fix now and write down all the news that happened from March to September. We will focus on conferences and events first and then on our finished website.

Conferences, events

The last event we reported was a GDPR conference on marketing (Czech) – a link to a czech article. Then there were a few conferences we wanted to attend, because we heard good references, but eventually we did not. Such actions include, for example, SEO restart or PPC restart, which will take place next week, but we will not get it again. Another action we can not do for time reasons is WordCamp Brno.

Autumn certainty in the previous years was the Marketing Festival, which is moving to spring 2019 – here you can read the reasoning (in czech). This conference really pays off because it is always an interesting piece of inspiration and information from top speakers.

During the summer we took part in several smaller events in Brno, such as SEO like Brno, Kke and we listened to a very interesting lecture by Filip Podstavec on various topics of today’s SEO.

New website

A Kluby BrnoRecently, we launched two new sites for A Kluby Brno and FINAB.

A Kluby Brno

In June, we launched a new website for A Kluby Brno. It is a company that provides assistance and support to people with a problem drinking alcohol or alcohol-dependent, pathological gambling or drugs, including helping their families and loved ones. At the beginning of 2018, the company contacted us that their current website did not perform as they expected – lacking website administration, design was not responsive. That is why we are very pleased to have created a website that meets the current trends, while at the same time it has made it easier for A Clubs Brno to work with the web and can better communicate their activities and services. Below you can read reviews from the director of A Kluby Brno, which we are very much appreciated.

We let ourselves create new websites because the existing ones were no longer fully functional. Because we have more or less bad experience with quality, but mainly with cooperation with different companies and individuals, we have been looking for a relatively long time. Finally, we decided for VisionsLabs, we all agreed with a very willing Ing. By the submilk, everything got realistic in a short time and especially in high quality. Ing. The submarine has been very helpful in helping us (and still helping) to catch up with smaller problems caused by my lack of language skills and limited IT knowledge. The web is very good and we are very happy.

Martin Klíč, director , A Kluby Brno


We launched another website in July 2018 for FINAB, which is engaged in the sale of construction machinery, and from the very beginning specializes in the sale of used trenchers and laying cable and drainage plows. This area – the construction industry – was not entirely new to us because we have experience with creating a site for SATSYS Technology. Again, there was a “problem” of an old system that “ran” old websites and without a responsive website. As the company plans to use other marketing tools such as PPC tools in the future, it was important to build quality foundations in the form of websites. This site is prepared in a multilingual variation, but other language versions are only in preparation so the web is available only in Czech.