What can we help you with?

We can help your business from the ground up, ie. website, as well as possibly only from specific parts such as web or mobile applications, digital marketing or a special WordPress plugin.

We create websites that are according to current trends and standards, from simple pages to more complex solutions.


At the beginning, we want to understand your business model, because you are experts in your field, map the competition and define the requirements that are important to you.


We create the world’s #1 website in the open-source CMS WordPress. We use the WordPress content management system because we think it is an ideal solution for current websites.


We will create a graphic design of the main screens of the website or we will only agree on basic things such as: font, colors and style. We use Sketch for designs. We do not consider responsive design a trend, but a standard.

Website created by us

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We create mobile applications for the Android platform and we are also interested in cross-platform applications.


We love Android and the whole of Google, so we also have a weakness for Material design.


Development of mobile applications using JS (TS) – NativeScript. So we use knowledge from both the Android and web development.


We always try to find a way so that the mobile application is meaningful for the client and not wasted money.

Mobile applications developed by us

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We create web applications that make sense and are functional.


Our applications are most often created on the front-endon the Angular framework from Google.


We create the backend of our web applications either in the PHP framework or in the Node JS (Nest framework).


Web applications are most often like SPA (single page application), where communication is via REST API. We always use current standards in development.

Web applications we have created

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We will create a custom WordPress plugin for you.


WordPress as a CMS is not a proliferation in the world and probably drives your website as well.

Custom plugin

We will program a customized plugin so that the website “can” do exactly what you need. Such as a counseling center or logging in to the reservation system.


We design WordPress plugins as if we were creating them for ourselves. You can then use the created plugin on any website built on WordPress.

Sites where our plugins work

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We help our clients break through in the digital world in several areas, namely social networks, search engine advertising, email marketing.


Most often, in digital marketing, we focus on SEOsearch engine optimization – such as Google or Seznam.

E-mail marketing

The second most common way we help our clients is e-mail marketing, which we usually solve using MailChimp.


Furthermore, of course, we also help our clients in digital marketing in PPC (Google Ads and Seznam Sklik), Social Networks or Web Analytics (Google Analytics)

Clients we help

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The e-shop should be simple, expandable and, most importantly, functional


We build the e-shop solution on the foundations of WordPress together with the WooCommerce extension. For a simple reason, this is an extensible and adaptable solution.


By creating an e-shop on the WordPress and WooCommerce platforms, we can use the knowledge from the classic website development and expand the e-shop as needed.

Unlocked customer

We always try not to “lock” the customer based on technologies and solutions, ie. we use standardized platforms and solutions. We want to “lock” the customer with our services and satisfaction with them.

E-shops we created

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