Launch the Web site

After long preparations, we launched the website at the beginning of June. Visionslabs Digital Studio was established as the name of the IT division of Computer Service s.r.o.

Why did we run

The company Počítačová služba s.r.o. has been using the CENTRUM-VZDĚLÁVÁNÍ.CZ trademark in recent years, because the majority of it deals with adult education and things around it. However, theIT division of Počítačová služba s.r.o. has been operating since 2012 and mainly dealt with applications for the internal operation of the company and websites for the needs of the company. You can view the entire timeline on the page About us. Briefly, in the last year, the scope of the IT division has expanded to include work for clients, thus creating a problem that under the name CENTRUM-VZDĚLÁVÁNÍ.CZ, potential customers often imagined only educational companies and not a digital studio. That’s why the brand was created this year Visionslabs.

What can Visionslabs help you with?

We have divided our services into 4 groups, namely:

So it can be said that we can help the client with his website, along with setting up digital marketing and possibly create a mobile application or web application for specific needs. We try to help our clients as much as possible. You can see our selected references onthis page.

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