WordPress 6.0 přichází

WordPress 6.0 is coming

WordPress version 6.0 is coming out soon ( 5/24/2022 ) so we can summarize what’s new when it comes to change from WordPress 5 to WordPress 6.

Already in version 5.9, WordPress came with the option of “ full site editing “, or that you can edit your entire site using blocks in gutenberg. However, this functionality must be supported by your theme. However, if you use other editors for editing the website, such as Elementor, Divi, WP bakery , and so on, this change / novelty did not make you too dazzled. But the direction of WordPress to make its default content editor Gutenberg a full-fledged web editor is quite clear, and we can expect more news in this regard.


But what adds up to WordPress 6.0 is style switching in the sense that if you have more than one style defined, you can change the style. See example below.

WordPress 6.0 - style change
Example of style change in WordPress 6.0 – source: www.wpbeginner.com

Another option is to export the entire template in Gutenberg. You’ll find this when editing content in the right corner (three dots) where there will be an Export option under the Tools category. Then come new blocks if you use Guttenberg to edit the entire site. However, if you only use Gutenberg to write articles like we do, you are not so interested at the moment. But if you’re really interested, you can check out the components in this article . We can make the most of features such as block lock , better “text selection” across blocks .

Accessibility in WordPress 6.0

WordPress is once again trying to make the work of both webmasters and their users a little easier for all users. Therefore, there is an effort to improve web accessibility – a new version of WordPress, for example – The post title will be used as ALT text for the preview image if no other ALT text is provided . You can read all these web accessibility improvements in official article.


As you can see from the above text, some big revolution is not waiting for us in the field of WordPress. Rather, it is another evolution in the form of expanding the functionality of Gutenberg . Of course, we recommend that you back up your entire site before upgrading to WordPress 6.0 . Because, of course, there may be some minor change that won’t mean anything on most sites, but that’s what your site can affect (and is typically “long-updated ) on your site, and the entire site may” crash “. . Here, caution is definitely worthwhile, which is true of all updates.

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