Jaký byl rok 2020 ?

Looking back on 2020

Traditionally, among the first articles on our website at the beginning of recent years were articles about what we expect interesting events and events, both from the world of development and marketing. In 2019 it was an article Conferences and events in 2019 and last year it was an article IT (developer) conferences and events 2020. However, this year the situation is a bit different – resp. a little uncertain.

Let’s first summarize the past year, both from the point of view of various events and from our point of view – that is, visionslabs. So what happened in 2020?

What was 2020 like for Visionslabs?

We can probably start with a list of completed websites that were born under our leadership in 2020:

Univerzitka Brno - private maternity school
Univerzitka Brno
  • Dayleehttps://daylee.appdetail – this is another “startup” website for mobile applications “video diary”, here they gave us quite a year of design, but at the same time we tried to keep the playful design of the mobile application itself.
  • Univerzitkahttps://univerzitka.czdetail – It was a pleasure to create a website for a private kindergarten at the Univerzitka of Brno. The goal was clear that the website should reflect the essence of the Univerzitka Brno as a very high quality (perhaps the best) private kindergarten in Brno. And the first reactions after launching the website from the mothers themselves were priceless.
  • AutoCrashInfohttps://autocrashinfo.czdetail – website for a consulting company that deals with helping victims of traffic accidents.
  • KUDERA klíčové systémyhttps://klicovesystemy.comdetail – we created a new website for Mr. Kudera together with a simple e-shop. The goal was to be able to present its services in a modern way and at the same time be able to simply sell the key systems it manufactures using the e-shop.
  • LB Worldhttps://lbworld.eu – We have not yet managed to prepare our reference for this website, so only briefly – these are services in the field of finance and cryptocurrencies.

Another thing that happened in 2020 was the development within ours mobile applications and both Workarys (where there were several minor updates), as well as CzeClick, where we had to change the whole login procedure because Seznam Sklik decided to change the access to the API to our users of the application CzeClick they could continue to use it. Workarys has more than 18,000 installations and also every working day is used by more than 1,000 users, which makes us immensely pleased and also a commitment to make the mobile application Workarys further developed.

After the website, e-shop and mobile applications, we also got to a complete overhaul web applications, resp. information system for our parent company – CENTRUM-VZDĚLÁVÁNÍ.CZ. We will probably prepare the whole article on this topic, but at least a tasting in the form of a picture below.


New logo

In September 2020, we came up with a new graphic identity – a new logo, a new website. Just to keep up with current trends and keep up with the times. Because, as is often the case, the “blacksmith’s mare”, which means our website, was worse off than our clients’ new websites. And we didn’t want to allow it to stay that way, so we redesigned the entire site to meet our high demands.

We can only look forward to what 2021 will bring us. Whether it will be more websites or web applicationsor even more mobile applications.

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